AS112 Operators Listing

Last updated: 13 Jan, 2022

Server operators are volunteers who offer a route to the well known addresses of the AS112 servers, either to handle the queries generated by their local user populations, or to help carry the global traffic load. We intend the list of operators shown below to be complete and accurate, but that may not be possible. For example, the F root server operator also runs instances of AS112 servers at certain sites as does Afilias. Also, some Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) run AS112 servers within their network only, making them invisible to the wider Internet. Some of these sites are listed here too.

Contrast this with periodic surveys taken of the net for hidden AS112 survers:

To be added to this list, please send email to ops -at-

AS112 operators are also asked to subscribe to the mailing list described elsewhere on this website. Note that publicly accessible statistics are very definitely encouraged. The DSC package is ideal for this.

Finally, AS112 operators are reminded about the importance of gathering statistics using one of the tools discussed.

Note: this list is really a best efforts endeavour, as the final list at time of writing is not by any means either definitive or complete.

Who Where Unicast
Transit AS Statistics
ARIX Fremont, CA, USA
AS250 Nuremberg, DE 250, and its peers
Abovenet Communications, Inc ? ? 3557, via 6461
Accretive Technology Group, Inc. Seattle, US ? 3557, via 11608
ACTIX (ACT Internet Exchange) Canberra, AU
Afilias ? ? 12041
Aplitt S.A. Gdynia, PL 49420 Statistics
Areti Internet Bromley, UK ? 21321
Armenian Datacom Company Yerevan, AM 42109 Stats
ASP Networks Dorset, UK 20538
Autonomica Stockholm, SE 8674
Camel Network London, UK 34159
CERNET Beijing, CN 4789
Cogent Communications ? ? 3557, via 174
Datahata Ltd. Minsk, Belarus 56740 Stats
DARS Telecom Ulyanovsk, RU
DCS1 Pte Ltd Singapore, SG, 2405:fc00::112 37989
DE-CIX Frankfurt, Hamburg, DE; New York City, USA; and Istanbul, Turkey (on IXP fabric)
Easynet Bracknell, UK ? 4589
ESPANIX Madrid, ES, 2001:7f8:f:f::196 6895 stats
Exa Networks Limited Manchester, UK 30740
Exobit Networks New York City, US 30653
Giganet Internet Exchange Point Kiev, UA Stats
Ginax Moscow, RU 29572
Globix London, UK ? 4513
GNC-ALFA CJSC Abovyan, Kotayk Region, Armenia
Goscomb Technologies Limited London, UK ? 39326
GR-IX Athens, GR, 2001:7f8:6e::112 199399 stats
Grifon Rennes, FR,, 2a00:5884:0:100::1:10, 2001:7f8:b1::12 204092
Hivane Paris, FR 34019 stats
Hurricane Electric Fremont, US ? 6939
ICANN Culpeper, US ? 26299 stats
ICANN-LAX Los Angeles, US ? 40528, 23518 stats
INEX Dublin, IE 2128
Individual Network Berlin e.V. Berlin, DE, 2001:67c:1400:1200::1 29670
Internet Systems Consortium Palo Alto, US
3557 and/or 1280
IPACCT Ltd. Sofia, BG, 2a01:9e40:112::112 31287 stats
Israel Internet Exchange (IIX) Tel Aviv, IL 31391
ITgate Network Turin, IT 12779
Jump Networks London, UK 8943
KeConnect Internet Suffolk, UK ? 16034
Lambda-IX Fremont, CA, USA
Low Cost Host Ltd West Yorkshire, UK ? 25098
LoNAP London, UK 8330
Manitoba Internet Exchange (MBIX) Winnipeg, CA stats
Winnipeg Internet Exchange (WPGIX) Winnipeg, CA,, 2001:504:2c::253, 2604:4280:14:866::275:230 stats
Microsoft ? ? 3557, via 8075
Misaka Network, Inc. Amsterdam, NL
Frankfurt, DE
London, GB
Paris, FR
Sofia, BG
Moscow, RU
Khabarovsk, RU
St. Petersburg, RU
Johannesburg, ZA
Singapore, SG
Tokyo, JP
Hong Kong, HK
Ashburn, VA, US
Los Angeles, CA, US
San Jose, CA, US
Seattle, CA, US
Kansas, MO, US
Chicago, IL, US
Dallas, TX, US
Atlanta, GA, US
Miami, FL, US
Piscataway, NJ, US
? 57695 and 50069
MSK-IX Moscow, RU, 2001:7f8:20:101::209:248 Statistics
NaMeX Rome, IT 24796
Netnod Internet Exchange Stockholm, SE ? 8674
netShelter Kuppenheim, Germany 49697
New Jersey International Internet Exchange, Inc Secaucus, US ? 19318
New Mexico Nap Albuquerque, US ? 10480
NIC Chile Santiago, CL 27678
NIX.CZ Prague, CZ 6881 stats
NIX.SK Slovakia, SK Bindgraph, DSC
Open Peering Initiative Amsterdam, NL ? 20562
Opteamax GmbH Rheinbreitbach, Germany FRA1: 2a01:b1c0::112
FRA2: 2a01:b1c0:2:e::112
NBG: 2a01:b1c0:4::112
48200 stats
Ottawa Internet Exchange Ottawa, CA, 2001:478:235::33 21640, 6509, 10533 stats
PaducahIX Paducah, KY, USA
Phyxia Zaventem, BE
35627 stats
Port 80 Malmo, SE 16150
CenturyLink Denver, US 209
Puerto Rico Internet Exchange San Juan, PR, USA
Reach Network Hong Kong, CN ? 3557, via 4637 Sao Paolo, BR 22548 Saint Petersburg, RU ? 25462
RIPE NCC Amsterdam, NL 3333 stats
Roller Network Reno, NV, US (IATA:RNO ICAO:KRNO) stats
RUNNet Moscow, RU 3267
RUSNet St. Petersburg, RU ? 3277
Sabay Digital Corporation Phnom Penh, KH ?
SBTAP San Benedetto del Tronto, IT, 2a02:cdc5:9715:0:185:5:201:241 59715 stats
Shaw Vancouver, CA ? 6327
Sirius Project Moscow, RU 51408 stats
Solfo Los Angeles, US ? 53582
TDC Net Copenhagen, DK 3292
Tanzania Internet eXchange Dar es Salaam, TZ (not visible from "outside") 33791
Telus Advanced Communications Vancouver, CA ? 3557, via 852
Teleglobe Inc. ? ? 3557, via 6453
Thoughtwave Technologies, Inc. Studio City, CA, USA 54380
Time Warner Telecom, Inc. ? ? 3557, via 4323
Tiscali DE ? 3257
TopneT Milan, IT 29449
TowardEX Boston, US ? 27552
TREX Tampere, FI 29432
Truenetwork LLC Novosibirsk, RU 49673 Stats
Ukrainian Internet Exchange Point Kiev, UA 15645 stats
UNMETERED.Exchange Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2602:ffb1:4000:0:192:34:27:252 54133
Verio ? ? 3557, via 2914
VeriSign Global Registry Services Reston, US
Wellington Internet Exchange Wellington, NZ 132003
West Australian Internet Exchange Perth, AU 2764
WhiteHat Bucharest, RO 51999, 210323
WIDE Osaka, JP 7500 Inc Chicago, US 19255